Companies spend too much of their time visiting retail stores, calling 800#s, or trying to find their “new” Account Manager to resolve their telecom issues. We have changed the rules. IT2 Networks delivers presale and post-sale support for corporate liable lines of service. Now you can quickly receive the information you need, make changes to your account, and activate new service. Whether you have 10 or 100,000 employees, we treat you the same. Through our partnership with TBI, we provide: consulting, quotes, agreements, implementation, procurement, technical/engineering advice, and business-class support. You Win!

Make It Easy

One point of contact for more than 85 telecom service providers.

That’s right. IT2 Networks provides a single point of contact to multiple carriers on your behalf.

We listen. What you want is what we want to deliver, and we have the tools and information to make that happen. White papers or case studies? Check your email. Do you need to save money? No problem. Are you interested in SD-WAN, DDoS or other solutions? We have you covered. If it is possible; we can make it happen. Why work with one carrier when we can provide you more? It is not too good to be true – call or email us today.

Our Commitment

You don’t have to dread the dotted line.

We will walk you through each step of any agreement to make sure you are comfortable before you sign. This includes the QOS, SLA, plus specified pricing and terms that have been agreed to. There are month-to-month options based on the carrier, or we can ask for a grace period on annual agreements. We represent you. If it doesn’t work for you; it doesn’t work for us.

Our Support

We have over 150 highly skilled pre- and post-sales agents on call to help you order, configure, and implement services; including an advanced troubleshooting and escalation process when you need things expedited. You will always receive business-class customer support with any carrier you choose, but we add that additional touch to make your life easier.